4 November 2019 |  Chemical Emergencies

[Malaysian doctors attending thisworkshop will be awarded 6 MMA CPD Points]

Chemical emergencies can occur in a number of different situations where hazardous chemicals are released into the surroundings. Hazardous chemicals can either be chemical weapons or toxic industrial chemicals.

These threats can occur as a result of an act of terrorism or an industrial accident. Both situations can be very challenging to manage. Preparedness by training, drills, implementation of policies and standard operating procedures are vital for any country or organisation to manage efficiently a chemical emergency. A multiagency approach with good cooperation and teamwork is essential.

Hazardous material (hazmat) management is an important component of any chemical threat management. A hazardous material can be any xenobiotic (solid, liquid or gas) with the potential to harm. The initial approach to management of such hazards must be handled appropriately to prevent further casualties.

In this workshop, experts in disaster management, fire and rescue services (hazmat), chemical weapons as well as emergency medical response will share their experience on chemical emergencies. 

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