4 November 2019 |Methanol Poisoning

[Malaysian doctors attending thisworkshop will be awarded 4 MMA CPD Points]


Methanol, also known as “wood alcohol”, is a commonly used organic solvent with hundreds of uses – mainly as an industrial, chemical feedstock for propylene, resins, glues and polymers, but also as a clean burning fuel for land and sea transportation, industrial boilers, cook stoves, ceramic kilns and tea/tobacco dryers.  Methanol is a clear, odorless liquid at room temperature and is miscible in water. 

However, if ingested, the human body begins to break down methanol, resulting in formaldehyde, formic acid, and formate, which is toxic, causing metabolic acidosis, neurological disorders, and even death, if not treated in time. 

It is a commonly found ingredient of poorly adulterated, “bootleg” alcoholic beverages in many countries. Methanol toxicity or “poisoning”, remains a common problem in many parts of the developing world, especially among members of lower socioeconomic classes.

In this workshop, experts in the treatment of methanol poisoning, as a result of ingesting “bootleg” alcohol, will share their experience and advice for diagnosing and treatment of methanol poisoning.


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